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Profitability Analysis

Our profitability strategy process will help you better understand your costs, as well as develop strategies designed to get the most out of your drivers, management team, and equipment. Our trucking profitability consultants are experienced and trained to analyze any trucking company and create a strategy specific to your business.

By taking an in-depth look at your company, we help you identify strengths and weaknesses. Then we can strategically use your strengths to correct these weaknesses. We find ways to improve management accountability and create trucking profitability strategies that transform your trucking company’s abilities and core competencies into greater profit. We understand that all companies have unique personalities and cultures, and we strive to provide new methods that fit your company’s personality and needs.

At T Up Global, we understand the best practices and strategies that make the trucking business profitable and successful. Our trucking profitability consultants can help you utilize these best practices to maximize productivity and achieve sustained success.

Our Transportation Profitability Strategies and Situational Analysis Include:
An initial phone interview with one of our trucking profitability consultants to get acquainted with your company.
A series of questionnaires to collect financial data, year-to-date operating statements, and other supporting data.
An onsite location visit for fact-finding, evaluations, cost analysis, process analysis, interviews, and assessment of key personnel.
A detailed written analysis listing the strengths and weaknesses of the company.
A cost analysis of the company’s operations to determine what kind of strategy will benefit your business.
An action plan profitability strategy for saving your company money.
Creation of profitability plan solutions to basic weaknesses within the company.
Implementation assistance and ongoing advisory services if needed.

Business Development

Our business development strategy plans are specifically designed for trucking companies. We can help you identify strategic opportunities to acquire accounts in specific lanes or industry segments that leverage your existing strengths, optimize your business objectives, and maximize the profitability of each customer.

Increase Profits with T Up Global’s Business Analysis Tools
A specialized trucking industry business development consultant will identify industry segments offering freight that is best suited to your trucking company and its equipment.

These include, but aren’t limited to:
Identify qualified prospects through proven e-mail, telemarketing, and direct mail strategies
Sell your company’s features and benefits using your website, literature, and professional selling tools
Measure progress and results, and reward sales personnel based on profit contribution
Organize sales personnel for the best productivity
Assist in closing sales and negotiate pricing

Eight-Step Trucking Business Management Program
Our eight-step trucking business management program will help you get started increasing your profits and developing your business to your goals.

The eight-step program includes:

Evaluating your current operations and customer portfolio to identify strengths and weaknesses
Creating a profile of prospective customers that fits your business environment
Working with you to evaluate the marketplace and potential prospects
Establishing a disciplined marketing and sale process
Utilizing social media
Maximizing the impact and effectiveness of websites
Instituting a marketing campaign that includes telemarketing, email, direct mail, and social media
Follow up
With help from our business development consultants,  T Up Global can take your company to the next level and help you maximize profitability.

Driver Recruitment and Retention

Drivers are your most important assets. Without them, trucks stand idle and customers don’t get served. Poor driver retention, recruitment, and high driver turnover not only drives up your costs but also keeps you from maximizing productivity. There is currently a truck driver shortage across the nation and if you’re like most transportation companies, recruiting and retaining quality drivers continues to be one of your most challenging issues. With T Up Global’s driver retention strategies, we help you get right to the root of the problem by addressing underlying operational and policy issues that lead to recruitment and turnover problems. As experienced trucking recruiters, our team at T Up Global is knowledgeable in truck driver recruiting and we have the tools to reduce your company’s turnover.

Our Driver Retention Plan is Designed To:
Create and implement truck driver recruitment and driver retention strategies or improve an existing plan.
Sell candidates on the benefits of being part of your team instead of working for the competition.
Define a driver career path within the company.
Conduct periodic reviews and establish recognition and accountability plans.
Conduct effective on-boarding and truck-entry support programs.

Competitive Compensation Plans to Retain Most Valuable Drivers
Team Up Global will also show you how to enhance any recruitment and retention plan with a competitive compensation plan that meets your employees’ expectations and makes sense for the company and associates alike. Become a successful trucking recruiter by learning how to:

Create appropriate incentive guidelines.
Format a successful compensation policy.
Conduct an incentive/profitability analysis.

Driver Career Path Development Program
Find, hire, and retain the quality drivers who keep your business moving forward. Studies conducted by the Conference Board and American Management Association show that the vast majority of workers believe effective performance should be consistently rewarded and that companies would perform better if employees were given meaningful incentives to improve their quality and productivity. For truck drivers, one of the most effective incentives is a driver career path that clearly shows advancement and promotion opportunities. With the help of  T Up Global, we can create an effective and dynamic career path that is tailor-made for your company and will keep your business growing.

Management Development

Improving the effectiveness of your management team can reduce your driver problems and significantly impact the productivity and profitability of your business. T Up Global’s transport management consultants can help you develop a tailored strategy specifically for your company. Our management development program will show you how to adopt effective management development techniques for selecting and training managers, as well as upgrading quality employees to management positions. With the help of our transportation consulting services, your business will improve in many areas such as effectiveness, productivity, and profitability.

Learn The Best Trucking Hiring and Management Practices
Ensure the success of those you hire by adopting a proven 13-step process for finding, qualifying, and hiring key personnel.
Retain the managers you need to guarantee a productive future for your company.
Become proficient at evaluating resumes and conducting phone and face-to-face interviews.
Use personality and attribute assessments as an effective tool in making hiring and improvement decisions about key people.
Design and implement defined programs to train, guide, and motivate your employees.